Wooden Food Boards

Food boards might seem to be the most basic product we make, but here at Oak&Ford we don’t see it that way at all. We’re incredibly proud of the quality of food board we produce and take the responsibility very seriously, having made boards for some of the world’s most prestigious catering brands. All of our food boards are handmade to ensure maximum quality control, and we only use prime grade 1 oak for our products, meaning that each and every board we make will stand up to heavy use in service.

Available in an array of widths, lengths and thicknesses to suit you and your business requirements, our boards arrive ready for service and can be supplied branded or unbranded. We finish these boards in a food safe oil to protect and bring out the grain and, although not suitable for dishwashers, these boards are easy to look after with a generous wipe over with an oily cloth.

If you’re looking for something extra special, we can add a variety of finishing touches to our boards to make them perfect for you. Our add-ons include:

– Gravy moats, machined into your boards to stop any meat juice escaping over the board edge.

– Ramekin recesses, fitted to the size of your specific ramekins.

– Stainless steel skewer rests, available in four different heights.

– Flame-toasting services, which involves us toasting your boards to bring out the grain of the wood and gives each board a warm weathered feel.

– A double-sided option, where we can design your board to suit a varied menu with different applications for each side.

These finishing touches are a great way to create that bespoke feel to your products. We laser cut, engrave or mark your boards with great precision and consistency, as we have powerful machines for both large format work and intricate detail.