Wood is the new plastic, long live wood!

What happened to wood?

Plastic has reigned over wood for many years in several product areas.  It was given top billing in cost, durability, consistency and ease of maintenance for some time.  In the context of its growth during a consumer explosion, it does well in these areas but sadly at a wider cost.  Although the circumstances of the environmental impact are somewhat tragic, we are pleased to see it driving a return to the natural, reliable, sustainable friend that is wood.

Wood is such a beautiful and versatile material, which can be fully sustainable and easy to maintain, when you know how.  Of course, with plastic being such a juggernaut of an industry now, there is no surprise the bad press that wood can sometimes get, but it is unjustified.

We seem to be moving further away from our instinctive nature all the time and it appears we are starting to discover this is detrimental to our health, wellbeing and planet.  Using natural materials has been drummed out of us by industries that produce in unnatural materials or sell ancillary products used on unnatural materials – such as cleaning.

Dispelling the myths

For example, most people believe that a plastic chopping board is more hygienic than a wooden chopping board – because we can clean it at high temperatures (dishwasher manufactures/dishwasher cleaning product manufactures) and with more aggressive chemical cleaning products (aggressive chemical cleaning product manufacturers, funnily enough).  However, research proves this is not true.  Once unavoidably damaged by using the board for the purpose it was created – cutting – the plastic board can no longer be efficiently cleaned.  However, a wooden board has proven to do half the job itself with inbuilt antibacterial properties*.

It is true that there is some maintenance required with wood if you want to keep it looking at its best, but it is not hard.  We are not reverting from disposable to reusable nappies here!  Simple cleaning and regular oiling, with nothing more than the vegetable oil you use in your kitchen, is all that is required.

Other finishes can be added to give it properties to suit your purpose and design, be it weather-proofing, colouring, staining, burning – many more.

Can the cost stack up?

We believe we are competitive with our pricing for producing all items, from giftware and collectables, right up to furniture.  Our prices will change as wood prices change daily, like any other trading commodity but we have found efficiencies in production and process to ensure a keen price is offered to our clients, making it possible to turn to wood rather than man-made materials.

Never more has it been so worthwhile to give wood a chance, it can deliver returns you hadn’t imagined.

*Read this and further studies into the antibacterial properties of wood:


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