Oak&Ford's stance on sustainable wood products and manufacturing

We pride ourselves on being a sustainable business. We ensure all materials sourced are through suppliers of sustainable wood, ensuring that the timber has been grown and managed with sustainability in mind.

Wood is one of the hardest materials to recycle, so much goes to waste. It is nice to know that we are making an impact on the environment. I have a young family and I still want there to be woodland and parkland for my kids in the future.

As an eco-friendly business we choose to pay considerably more for our waste collection, ensuring none of our by product ends up in landfill. The small changes we make everyday adds up in the long run, for example everything is turned off at the plug when finished with or that is not in use.

To be known as a sustainable business has become very important to clients, everybody buys into everything, from food providence to delivery miles. These days people want to know where it came from, is it sustainable? And has it had the lowest impact possible on the surrounding environment.

To follow the eco-friendly ethos sometimes is not the cheapest option, however these costs we are happy to incur as it gives us a peace of mind that we are doing things right.

Our advice to other companies is that, it’s the way to go! Going forward it will be the only way to operate as natural resources become scarcer, material costs will rise. One way to combat this is to use materials that are sustainably produced/harvested.