food board add-ons

Solid oak food boards are Oak&Ford’s staple product.  If you service a speciality dish, have a look at our food board add-ons.  You can adapt our food boards to suit your needs.  We can add gravy moats to stop juices escaping over the edge of the board.  If sauces, dips or chutneys come with the dish, give us the details of the ramekins or dishes.  We can make recesses to fit your dishes.

A skewer rest can be added to show your skewered food at it’s best.  If you would like a warm, weathered finish, we could toast the oak for you.  Furthermore, for the really practical, we can create two different purposes on a double sided board.

Really, food board add-ons could be almost anything.  Basically, we can adapt our boards to suit your need so get in touch to brief us.

We have created many products for food presentation and more are always coming so please keep an eye on our products page.


Food board add-ons skewer rest