condiment crates

Oak&Ford condiment crates deliver a neat solution to untidy table accessories and condiments.  They compliment your setting with a high-quality finish.  Further to this, they do not obstruct the content.

We have four standard sizes of crate but can offer a bespoke solution for you.  Whether it be the size, recesses or bevels required; we can create your condiment crates to house your particular selection.

Additionally, we can brand to make your products unique to your establishment.  We have the skill and machines in-house to laser engrave your logo onto the condiment crates.

Whatever you are looking for, we can use past products to inspire you but we make to your brief.  The natural qualities of wood ensure we deliver a premium product that stands out for you.  We finish the products to suit your use and will always advise based on their purpose.  Contact us and tell us what you are looking for.

For a guide to our artwork requirements for laser engraving, please click here



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