wine bottle display blocks

Back bar presentation can convert a customer from a house wine to a premium wine. You can contribute to this by drawing their eye to something new, encouraging curiosity. These wine bottle display blocks create theatre around your wine selection. Furthermore, they allow you to display a wider range in the space you have.  You can also drive one product sale with bulk display of a single bottle.

You are able to show more wines in the limited space you have behind the bar. However, you are able to create a story or journey for the customer to try more; by grouping together an alternative to the best seller with something a customer might try.  Seeing the bottle and label, along with more of the selection available is more likely to take a customer away from what they would choose from print.  These wine bottle display blocks also allow you to feature a key bottle at the top step. Moving your selection around will further draw the eye of the regular customer and is an easy way to update your display.

If you have a spirit, beer or other drink specialism, this system can be made to your sizing requirement to highlight these ranges also.

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