You can bring excitement to your tables with our oak plate crates .  We offer you a unique way to serve a huge range of dishes and cuisines. Whether you are serving succulent southern fried chicken, tantalising Catalonian tapas or mouth-watering Greek meze; our premium quality oak plate crates can deliver something extra to the presentation and eating experience.

We make our plate crates from high quality oak.  Therefore they are built to last in service, whilst also being easy to maintain with simple washing and regular oiling.

Although we have some standard sizing, we are able to make to your measurements.  Hence, the Oak&Ford plate crate can suit starters, mains or sharers.

We also offer an in-house laser engraved branding service on all of our products to ensure that every process from raw oak to the finished, branded item that we deliver to you meets our high standards.

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OAK 7902 (Custom)