food boards

Although food boards may seem to be the most basic product we make, we don’t see it that way at all.  We take great pride in the quality an finish of we produce.  All of our food boards are handmade to ensure maximum quality control.  They are made from prime grade 1 oak that is safe to use and will stand up to heavy use in service.

Although any wood must not be cleaned in the dishwasher, we deliver a product that is easy to clean and maintain. We supply instructions are always on-hand for advice. Our food boards are delivered ready for you to use.

We have brought the engraving process and skill in-house. We want to make sure the final product meets our high standards. You will be proud to see your brand engraved on these boards.

We don’t cut corners in the manufacturing process. You will be assured that you are delivering your food on a quality product that your customer deserves.

You can also offer our premium grade boards as gifts or promotional items. They are always useful and an attractive way to keep your brand front of mind.

To see even more customisable food board options, visit our food boards with add-ons page, and to see what else Oak&Ford can offer you, click here to view all of our products.

O&F 022 (Custom)