Real wood magnets


Magnets from Oak&Ford are created to your size and shape requirement.  The real wood finish is a complimentary base to your branding or design.  Additionally, it offers a distinctive premium quality to your magnet.

Made from solid oak or real wood veneer on MDF core; we are able to create a solution to suit your budget.  Veneer finishes are available in oak, maple, cherry or walnut.  Furthermore, we can complete your product with laser engraving from our in-house machines.  Whether you want to present your logo or a unique design, our top-of-the-range machines deliver a detailed result.  Additionally, sustainably sourced wood provides a great solution away from controversial plastic.

Do look through our past products to inspire you and help to brief us with the details we need. We finish the products to suit your use.  Whether it is water resistance or to suit your decor, our craftsmen will always recommend the finish, based on their purpose. Please contact us and tell us what you are looking for.

For a guide to our artwork requirements for laser engraving, please click here