Branded notebooks


Branded notebooks are very popular at the moment and an easy way to keep your brand in your customers’ hands.  Demand has led us to add them to our range.  This item also demonstrates our laser-engraving ability extends beyond our hardwood.  We are very happy to work with other materials.

A clearly engraved notebook can make you stand out.  We are able to work with a number of notebook covers and styles to personalise your item.  Add your branding or a unique design to distinguish your notebooks.  This creates an item that can keep you front of mind with your customer.

With our top-of-the-range laser engraving equipment, we can deliver a consistent clear mark, based on your artwork.  There are a wide range of cover finishes that will take well to engraving.  Furthermore, this premium finish adds a unique quality to your notebook.

For a guide to our artwork requirements for laser engraving, please click here