Pizza paddles

When it comes to pizza paddles and any other rounded product, oak is not always the most suitable as it needs to be jointed and sometimes wants to cup. In order to combat this issue, the best material we believe for products such as these is 12mm thick Latvian Birch Ply.

The birch ply we use here at Oak&Ford is regarded as very high-quality board. With its cross lamination and large surface areas which are pressure glued together, this stuff is very hard wearing and durable – ideal for pizza paddles where most of the board is going to be covered with a warm moist pizza base.

These boards should be cared for the same as any wooden service board with a generous lashing of vegetable oil every few days.  With simple care maintained, these boards will not split, warp or bow. You can enjoy serving up pizzas on these paddles time and time again, safe in the knowledge that your food will look presentable every time.

Like the look of our pizza paddles? If you think you’d like to order these for you or your business, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Oak&Ford team and see how we can help.