Getting to know – Connor savage

Connor Savage – An Oak&Ford Joiner

What appealed to you about working at Oak&Ford?

The variety of work on offer compared to the average joinery job. Working in a clean modern workshop with top level tools.

What was your background before joining?

A BTEC design course at college mainly focused on woodwork and other hands on trades. Working at a timber yard learning about various hardwoods. 6 years in the precast concrete industry making bespoke concrete moulds for staircases, balconies etc. 

Describe your typical day in the workshop?

Come in, find out what jobs are in for the day or continue tying up jobs if it’s a longer one. Generally eat, cut wood, drink, repeat.

What part of your role do you enjoy the most?

The whole ideas process taking something from a napkin sketch into real tangible product or prototype, in the best and most efficient way.

Which project has been the biggest challenge for you and why?

Making 50/60 crate stacks in one order, not only is it a physical test making around 2000 different components to a high standard but its a mental test keeping on track and count of the parts.

How do you see your role growing with the business?

Hopefully moving forward and growing with the business I’ll grow in more experience, and learn more about the operation and design of the laser programs etc and be able to pass on my experience to other staff as they join the team.

How would you describe Oak&Ford to your family and friends?

In short, we make cool stuff out of wood every day and we take pride in it.

Why should a customer choose to use Oak&Ford?

Because we’re good at what we do. Because we handle the product from rough sawn oak to finished item we take a lot more care to make sure its right. I have pride in my work as any tradesman should.

Who inspires you?

My dad. Been a joiner and mould maker my whole life. Can turn his hand to almost any task if it involves a saw or a chisel.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Woodwork! I’m a keen woodturner and wood carver and make a lot of boxes, bowls and vases etc outside of work. Other than that I live for motorbikes and two stroke scooters. Woodwork and motorbikes is pretty much every spare bit of time outside of work.